Are Pet Franchises Profitable? Dog Training, Pet Supermarket, Grooming, Doggie Daycares, & More.

Dog trainers can make over a million dollars? We look at profitable, low & high investment Pet franchises including doggie daycares, mobile groomers, training companies, poop scoopers and more.

Pet franchises *can be profitable, but not all of them are. More important than money however is whether your skills match the operational model. So just because you love animals, doesn’t mean you should necessarily buy a pet franchise. Many of these businesses require you to do sales, or local relationship building, and the pet care itself is actually handled by employees. Another example – you don’t buy a McDonalds because you know how to make hamburgers! and shouldn’t buy a pet franchise just because you like animals. Always pay attention to the operational model as well so you are comfortable with what you are doing day-to-day, have local demand and demographic aignment.

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Let’s start with mobile pet grooming. Neat concept, you operate custom built grooming vans in your city that visit peoples homes that groom pets. Benefit to the owners, they don’t have to leave the house and sit in a waiting room for their pet grooming. The service comes to them, often for the same price as a local groomer. You don’t need any grooming experience as you are hiring the groomers, and the business is scalable to multiple trucks in your area. Just your truck driving around in the neighborhood is great advertising. You can run the business from home, so lower overhead than a restaurant or brick and mortar business. Total investment to start is about $150k- $160k, financing is available.

A lower investment option is in-home dog training and there are franchises in this space as well. Why would I need a franchise to train dogs – well because you don’t buy a franchise just to learn how to train, you buy a franchise to learn how to scale and grow a business. A top franchise owner in one brand earned over 1.4 million dollars in 2020, which was a strange year, and average gross revenues are $786k with net profit of $337k. Your operational costs are low, and you can also run the business semi-absentee as you are hiring the trainers. Again, most importantly you should have sales and relationship building experience as an owner, as you will be hiring the trainers. All-in investment for a dog training franchise is in the $80-$100k range.

If you have a slightly higher budget you can open a pet training gym facility. This is actually less expensive than a doggie daycare, owners can typically open 4 dog gyms for the same cost as a doggie daycare. Services offered are initially training, but owners come back for agility classes, workshops, dog parties and retail products offered at the facility. If you choose to not hire a manager your job again is to get out into the community and network with with vets, groomers, shelter groups, daycares and other local businesses. Your investment is $168,280 – $358,780, and approximate net profit in one brands financials is almost $150k.

Next step up in investment is a supermarket retail location for pets. So pet owners come to your retail location and buy food or other pet supplies for their pets. One concern with retail locations is that unlike training services, it is not Amazon proof. True in some cases, but many of the natural high-end food suppliers don’t sell on Amazon to maintain price consistency, it is only available in stores. Investment ranges between $440,600 – $1,315,200, and average gross sales in one system are 2.3 million, so you can rival or exceed many of the big name restaurants for earnings with a lower investment.

Doggie daycare is at the top of the investment range your all-in cost will be between $600,000 to over a million. In these businesses you are offering daycare, boarding and spa services to pets where owners entrust you with their animals while they are not at home. Because these facilities are typically larger in size, your startup costs will be higher than other options.

And our last option – poop scooping franchises, we just covered this last week in its own video – we were shocked to see you could earn millions scooping up with a dog poop franchise, investment under $80,000 -

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