Belgian Malinois Pros And Cons | The Good And The Bad

This video is all about belgian malinois pros and cons, the good and the bad.
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Belgian Malinois Overview:
The Belgian Malinois was originally used for herding and livestock guarding in their home country of Belgium.
The Malinois derives its name from the Belgian city of Mechelen, where it was developed.
It was grouped with Laekenois, Tervuren, Belgian Shepherd collectively as a single breed called Belgian Sheepdog.
It is the most popular variety in Belgium, and has become the world’s most popular police dog.
It is increasing in popularity as a pet in America, but is most commonly used for sports and service.
The U.S. secret service uses Belgian Malinois to guard the grounds of the White House.
In America, the Malinois has been registered as a separate breed since 1959.

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