Franchise Data and E2 Investor Visa With Patrick Findaro of Visa Franchise/ Vetted Biz | Ep #12 ZTPF

In this episode we are going to talk about secret data that you can get access to when buying a franchise.

I had the pleasure of interviewing a fellow Franchise YouTuber Patrick Findaro of Vetted Biz and Visa Franchise.

Vetted Biz is the leading provider of franchise prospecting and research solutions. Patrick manages a 20+ person team focused on communicating key franchise data and market research to the world.

Patrick also co-owns and runs Visa Franchise where he helps high net worth individuals navigate the process of coming to the United States on a visa where you need to buy or invest in a business.

Patrick personally showed me the behind the scenes on the insane data that his team goes through great lengths to mine-so that people like you, who want to buy a franchise and make good decisions, can make strong strategic decisions by seeing the numbers!

Simply put, better data means better decisions, better decisions means more money and a better quality of life! So make sure you watch this until the end.

I’m extremely excited about Patrick’s tool- and it will be something I personally use to help my clients make great decisions on finding and buying the perfect franchise.

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With that said, let’s jump into Episode #12 of the Zero to Profitable Franchise Podcast

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