Meet the FMS Franchise Team –

FMS Franchise works with top industry professionals to ensure your franchise development journey is smooth and comprehensive. Take a moment to meet our team — we’re excited to work with you!

Join the Franchise Marketing Systems team for a comprehensive overview of the franchise development team and work that each FMS team member provides as part of executing the franchise development process.

The FMS Franchise team is designed to provide depth, experience and great business background to new and existing franchise businesses and help expand brands through franchising effectively and efficiently.

The franchise development process is one of the most efficient and effective ways for a business owner to scale their brand through franchising.

How does franchising work?

1. FMSFranchise creates a strategy and franchise plan for taking your brand into and through the franchise launch process. This includes establishing franchise fees, financial models and the appropriate franchise model to duplicate your business through franchising.
2. FMSFranchise works with third party legal counsel to develop the FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document) and register your franchise offering with the appropriate franchise registration and franchise filing states. FMSFranchise works with third party trademark legal counsel to file and complete the trademark registration and approval with the USPTO.
3. FMSFranchise builds and designs the franchise operations manuals and franchise training programs. Through customized franchise training software and experienced franchise training professionals, a solid franchise training and support model is built to support, execute and manage new franchise locations both at opening and in ongoing support.
4. FMSFranchise then works with a brand to build, design and customize the franchise sales content and franchise marketing collateral to sell your franchise system and execute the franchise marketing campaign.
5. FMSFranchise then works alongside your brand to market, sell and promote your franchise to franchise investors and help execute the franchise model which has been established during the development process.

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