Team vs Company Managed Projects Demystified | Atlassian Jira | Jira Software

One of the biggest frustrations that users have with #Jira happens when they pick a #team managed project type. Using a Team-Managed project type with Jira is like buying a Ferrari, but swapping the engine out with that of a Corolla. With a Team-Managed project, you just end up handicapping your team.

If you feel that Jira just isn’t working for you or your team, then chances are you simply selected the wrong project type. #Company-managed projects is what you want to have in order to unleash the full power of Jira.

I should caution that it is not trivial to convert between Team and Company managed projects today. You essentially need to start over if you realize you have a team managed project and then learn that you really need a company managed project.

Do not make the same mistake that many have done. Learn the difference between the project types in this video and pick the right one that is going to give you less frustration and allows you to scale with your team.

With that said, you do need more experience in managing Jira projects when you select a company managed project because some of the settings are more powerful that they require someone that is more comfortable tweaking the settings. But, don’t let that stop you from picking the right project type. There is an amazing Atlassian community to help you with your configuration issues.

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