This Cell Phone Repair FRANCHISEE has some SECRETS (2022)

This video talks about Shane Mericle and the Cell Phone Repair Franchise and tells all about his experience as a Cell Phone Repair franchisee – from the hours he dedicates to the business to the products and services that are most profitable for him, and offers valuable advice to others who may be considering investing in a Cell Phone Repair franchise!

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00:00 Introduction
00:50 About Shane Mericle and Cell Phone Repair Franchise
08:19 Q&A – What value are you driving today from the franchisor?
13:17 About going from 2 to 5 franchises
16:35 Q&A – How many hours do you allocate to this business?
19:58 Q&A- What About the Advocacy You Are Doing as The Founder of The Independent Owner Association?
22:43 Q&A – What is your favorite product or service that is very profitable?
24:29 About the importance of franchisees teaming together
28:08 Q&A – How many locations do you have of the Cell Phone Repair Franchise?
37:05 Q&A – Do you have any suggestions for prospective franchisees?
46:02 Q&A – Do you have any advice for franchisors?
49:12 Conclusion

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